If you are not ready to put up with the impotence, this article is just what you need. Of course, we know that it is always better to prevent the ailment rather than to treat it. However, what to do if impotence has already occurred? And what actually could lead to this unlucky ailment? Let's try to find the answers on these questions.

Of course, once you've noticed the problem, it is necessary to search for solution. A lot of men feel ashamed to speak about this or to consult their doctor. While, this is really not the most pleasant experience, it is still better to visit the doctor and to find out what could cause the erectile dysfunction. The problems may be really serious and require urgent medical solution if they are of some physiological nature. The ED can be the reason of some diseases. Once you get rid of the disease, the impotence may disappear too. But diseases are not the only factors. Sometimes, smoking, wrong style of life, alcohol abuse, stresses or overwork can also do their bad job. What else? Impotence can also be the result of some psychological trauma. And even in this case, the solution can be found.